Who We Are

We here are a group of completely Devoted Animal lovers who for years have given our Support, Time, Energy, Love and Finances for the cause of saving the lives of Dogs and Cats. Most of our Animals are Strays and are off the Streets Of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Many have been pulled out from Gutters and Garbage dumpsters where they were thrown to perish and Die. We have managed to save hundreds of Dogs, small Pups, Cats and Kittens who have gone through unimaginable, unbelievable and unthinkable atrocities my friends.

Besides Strays we get plenty of Dogs and Cats injured in road accidents with severe injuries. Some Dogs are abandoned by their owners, some are used, abused and Discarded by Breeders. Hundreds of Pups were fortunate to have been born here at my Bungalow which I have converted into a shelter for Destitute Animals and are raised by us. At Mission Possible we vaccinate, neuter, medicate and find homes and loving families for them to be adopted.

We are known for never abandoning the Dogs or Cats back on the streets ever. We have had more than thirteen hundred Dogs and over three hundred Cats adopted so far All over Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Our goal is to reach out much further and do much much more as a devoted team for these poor helpless Creatures who are suffering at the hands of some Rogue Masters and Man. For years we have struggled on our own, rescued and helped hundreds of Animals in trouble. We have never turned our back on them and God willing as a team we hope to do so much more. We will need your help and support to do much more and to save as many lives as possible @ Mission Possible.

I take this opportunity to thank all you my friends who love animals no matter where you are on this Planet, May the Almighty God Bless you in Abundance. I love each and everyone of you for being Just You.

Loving Animals is a gift that is inborn and very few people have been blessed by the Almighty God to possess this wonderful selfless possession. To the ones who have it please don’t ever give it up or allow anyone to discourage you in doing this great work that requires a lot of sacrifice and complete dedication no half measures for these helpless beings who deserve to live, love and flourish amongst us.

My Friends Thank You again from the bottom of my heart. Remember Nothing is Impossible @ Mission Possible.

Core Members


Dr. Kasbekar R. B.


Dr. Ravindra B. Kasbekar an oncologist, surgeon who is involved financially and physically, feeding the strays.


Mrs. Padmini Stump

Hon. Secretary

The Secretary was using her bunglow for more than 100 cats and dogs as a shelter.


Mr. S. P. Hattangady


The Treasurer who manages the accounts and banking work of the Trust.


Dr. Vikram N. Bokey


The retired Police Commissioner of Pune Is a Member Trustee.


Dr. Bharat Shanmugam


A veterinary giving free services.


Mr. Mahendra C. Jain


A whole sale grain merchant who supplies dahlia and rice for the animals who too is a Member Trustee.


Mrs. Shernaz Poonekar


The first disabled Arjuna Awardee. Also awarded Shiv Chhatrapati Award, Gaurav Puruskar, who is a Social worker and Animal lover.


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Trust Deed Agreement

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